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Upgrade Advisor Lets You Know If Your Windows Mobile Is Upgradable T0 Windows 10

Following an initial release that the new windows 10 OS will be released early this year to devices already running windows 8.1 questions have been going about which devices gets the update or not. In other to stop the whole confusion, Microsoft has developed an app(still in its beta stage) that can let you determine if your windows device is upgradable to the latest OS or not dubbed Upgrade Advisor. The app which is now available in the windows store lets you know if your windows 8.1 mobile phone is eligible for an upgrade to windows 10 and can also help to free up space on the device so you’re ready for the upgrade.

There are a few requirements your present device must have to expect/accomplish this update; First of all you’ll need at least 8GB of storage of which 1.5GB is the minimum for the installation process to work and your current Lumia device software version must be running on the Lumia denim update i.e 8.10.14219.341 or higher

In the meantime, official announced list for Lumia smartphones eligible for the free upgrade when available are as follows Lumia 430, Lumia 435, Lumia 532, Lumia 535, Lumia 540, Lumia 635 (1 GB RAM), Lumia 640, Lumia 640XL, Lumia 735, Lumia 830 & Lumia 930. Features may vary by device.



Jupiter IO 3 “The World’s First Smokeable Smartphone”

Someone once told me that there’s never an ending point when it comes to inventions in the technological world and till date I still can’t get a hang of how this imaginations come about. Call it madness, clever or whatever pops into your mind after reading this but a US-based company “Vaporcade” has just released the Jupiter IO 3 “officially the world’s first smoke able smartphone” that lets you make/receive phone calls, sms, instant messaging just like any other smartphone you’ve used but heres the catch, the device also offers smokers who plan on quiting the extra vibe of smoking on their favorite e-flavors all from the device without taking in any harmful substance into the body. The e-flavored smokes comes from flavored liquid cartridges which  are attached separately and is priced at $15 each. The company claims that each cartridge gives its user 800 puffs with a button on the phone lets you regulates the concentration and heat of the smoke.


The Jupiter IO3 runs on Android Kitkat 4.4 OS and is 3G enabled. Another interesting feature of this device is that it comes with two batteries, one for your normal daily phone usage and the other  to cope with your smoking needs. However, the batteries are connected so if you want the battery to last a bit longer you might as well puff a little lesser. Incase you wondering, the puffing is controlled by the companies own native app  named Vaporcade app available on Playstore which  lets you track the battery life of the phone, how many smokes the user has taken and how much juice left in the cartridge. Users of this device can also set a limit on the number of puffs and the app sets off an alarm when the limit is reached.

The Jupiter IO 3 3G variant is presently priced at $299 with plans of the 4G model to hit the markets in the next few months at $499. The device has also been approved by the US Federal Communications Commission. However, the impact of e-puffing is yet unknown when compared to the original cigarettes so you might want to make a background check if you happen to be a smoker. All that being said, please let us have your take on this in the comment section below. Cheers!

Kingston’s Super-Secure Encrypted USB With Keypad protection

In the effort to provide top notch security for your documents and files,  Kingston  an IT company known for its unique USB flash drives and SD cards has unveiled a new USB drive series designed for global security IT professionals, small-to-medium businesses and corporate end users who require electronic data protection. Kingston claims the DataTraveler 2000 will be easily deployable in a work environment where multiple devices and operating systems are in use as the drive is OS independent and features hardware-based, full disk AES 256-bit data encryption in XTS mode. Encryption is done on the drive and no software or hardware drivers are needed. Now here’s the catch, the  DataTraveler 2000 has an  alphanumeric keypad  which allows users to lock the drive with a word or number combination for its PIN protection and after 10 invalid login attempts Drive locks down and reformats keeping your files away from the outside world. The device is dustproof/waterproof certified to IP57 rating, works on all platforms and is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variant.

Google To Introduce New Intelligent Messaging App

Words on the street is that Google’s vice president of communications product Nick Fox is leading a team who are reportedly working on building a brand new messaging app that will allow users to chat with friends or message a Google bot for answers to their questions, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

The report claims that the new app will enable users to text friends or a Chabot, which will search the web and other sources for information to answer a question. Users can also ask questions in relation to news, images, or weather, and a Chabot will respond accordingly. However, It is still unclear when the service will be launched, or what it will be named but one thing certain is that the messaging app will be a major competition to Facebook’s Whatsapp messenger.


Facebook Messenger’s Photo Magic Reminds You To Send Your Friends Photos To Them

If you’re one of those who love taking pictures with friends and always forgetting to send them across, its all about to end as Facebook is rolling out a new feature for its Facebook Messenger app called Photo Magic, this feature will remind you to send photos you took of your friends to them.

The feature works by using facial recognition on the photos you capture or the ones you already have stored on your phone by identifying and matching it against its database and then reminds you to send the photos to your friends. The app will automatically detect when you take a picture and  a notification popup will appear immediately on your Android device asking if you want to share the photo with the people who are in it with a single tap and send it to them on Facebook Messenger.

This feature is optional and can be dismissed at any time if you not feeling it. The feature is currently active in Australia on Android and will be rolling out to other Android regions and  lOS later in the weeks to come.

How To Download Google Paid Books for Free

Hello world! So today I’m here with an exciting tip for the book readers. Love reading your favourite books on your device but don’t have internet connectivity or the cash to spare?, Here’s how to have your own personal e-library on your devices and the best part of it is you get it all downloaded for free and saved for future reading;

  • First off, you need to download and install Google book downloader in your windows PC, Mac OS or Android device
  • Now head to your browser and search for the book you want to download.
  • Now copy the URL of that book and paste the link in the book downloader and then select your preferred download output
  • Now your download should start and in few moments your book will be with you in the format that you have selected.

Happy reading and don’t forget to share. Cheers!


New Android update gets vulnerability patch

It’s been four months now since the discovery of stagefright and since then the Google team has been working hard on creating monthly updates to fix vulnerabilities that tend to affect the open source platform. Today, Android is getting another new patch fixing a total of 23 vulnerabilities including two critical issues tagged CVE-2015-6608 and CVE-2015-6609. The most serious of the vulnerabilities allows remote code execution through email, web browsing, and MMS. The patch also fixes a newly discovered vulnerability in the Stagefright library, listed as high rather than critical because of the difficulty of remote execution.

The patch which includes bugs reported by Trend Micro, System Security Lab, and Keen Team, as well as Google’s internal security teams has been released to  Nexus devices running on lollipop & marshmallow through an over-the-air (OTA) update and will be published to the Android Open Source Project’s code repository within 48 hours so that other smartphone brand can also supply the security updates to their devices.

Am sure many Android users will be pondering on how long it will take the patch to reach every device but hey, it’s comforting to know theres a team working hard to protect your personal data from security threat. In the mean time, stay off malicious files and untrusted sites. Cheers

SOURCE: Nexus security bulletin

Access Bank Introduces Pay With Capture

Access bank has pushed out a new innovation, stepping up their game in the technology world with the introducing of their pay with capture app. With this app users won’t need to pay at their favourite mall or merchant with physical cash or atm. All you need to do is scan the barcode tag of the product you want to purchase with your phone. Infact, this app will replace the POS option and offer a more secure operation due to its two step security authentication;

  • First you will need a secret word upon sign up.
  • Also you need a secret code and a pin. When you minimize the app, upon resumption, you are prompted for your pin again. Cool stuff!

Other banks can use the app too but there are extra bonuses for access bank account owners only. The app is sleek, user friendly, free and available for download on Android and Blackberry 10 devices


Samsung KNOX is a new Android-based solution specifically designed to enhance security of the current open source Android platform. When we root our phones we totally gain full access to our devices so its understandable if Samsung doesn’t want you to remove its stock apps which can be bloat wares when they start becoming a nuisance. There are many reasons as to why Samsung would want this, warranty concerns and claims for one and the obvious profit they make when you use additional services attached to the Samsung name. Well, should you choose to take full control of your Samsung device, here’s how to go about it;



  • Download and install Titanium Backup  application on your Samsung device. Launch the app and you’ll see options to disable the Knox Store, Knox notification manager, Knox KLMS Agent, sec.enterprise.knox.attestation and com.sec.knox.eventsmanager.
  • Download and install Knox disabler application and click on the disable tab (needs root access granted)
  • Download Terminal Emulator on your device and type in the following commands “Su” and “pm disable com.sec.knox.seandroid”


  • Search for the Knox app on your device and head to the Knox setting
  • Once there, simply uninstall Knox. While doing this you’ll be asked to backup your Knox data which is saved during the uninstall process in your devices Knox folder. Only clause of this is that it is not a permanent solution to removing Knox but it’ll just do on a temporary basis. So should you decide to root your device for a thorough uninstall of knox

Click here for a comprehensive guide on how to root your Samsung device

With the above steps carefully followed, you should have removed knox and have full access over your Samsung device. Cheers



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