If you’re one of those who love taking pictures with friends and always forgetting to send them across, its all about to end as Facebook is rolling out a new feature for its Facebook Messenger app called Photo Magic, this feature will remind you to send photos you took of your friends to them.

The feature works by using facial recognition on the photos you capture or the ones you already have stored on your phone by identifying and matching it against its database and then reminds you to send the photos to your friends. The app will automatically detect when you take a picture and  a notification popup will appear immediately on your Android device asking if you want to share the photo with the people who are in it with a single tap and send it to them on Facebook Messenger.

This feature is optional and can be dismissed at any time if you not feeling it. The feature is currently active in Australia on Android and will be rolling out to other Android regions and  lOS later in the weeks to come.