Someone once told me that there’s never an ending point when it comes to inventions in the technological world and till date I still can’t get a hang of how this imaginations come about. Call it madness, clever or whatever pops into your mind after reading this but a US-based company “Vaporcade” has just released the Jupiter IO 3 “officially the world’s first smoke able smartphone” that lets you make/receive phone calls, sms, instant messaging just like any other smartphone you’ve used but heres the catch, the device also offers smokers who plan on quiting the extra vibe of smoking on their favorite e-flavors all from the device without taking in any harmful substance into the body. The e-flavored smokes comes from flavored liquid cartridges which  are attached separately and is priced at $15 each. The company claims that each cartridge gives its user 800 puffs with a button on the phone lets you regulates the concentration and heat of the smoke.


The Jupiter IO3 runs on Android Kitkat 4.4 OS and is 3G enabled. Another interesting feature of this device is that it comes with two batteries, one for your normal daily phone usage and the other  to cope with your smoking needs. However, the batteries are connected so if you want the battery to last a bit longer you might as well puff a little lesser. Incase you wondering, the puffing is controlled by the companies own native app  named Vaporcade app available on Playstore which  lets you track the battery life of the phone, how many smokes the user has taken and how much juice left in the cartridge. Users of this device can also set a limit on the number of puffs and the app sets off an alarm when the limit is reached.

The Jupiter IO 3 3G variant is presently priced at $299 with plans of the 4G model to hit the markets in the next few months at $499. The device has also been approved by the US Federal Communications Commission. However, the impact of e-puffing is yet unknown when compared to the original cigarettes so you might want to make a background check if you happen to be a smoker. All that being said, please let us have your take on this in the comment section below. Cheers!